Why should you give your underwear extra care?

Your underwear touches your skin every day. So there’s no doubt it will have direct effects on your comfort and health. A dirty bra or panty, firstly, causes you to feel uncomfortable. It gives out a bad smell and makes you itchy. Secondly, your unclean underwear can spread bacteria to your lady parts and cause infection. Thirdly, even when you wash your underwear every day, cleaning it in the wrong way will deform your bra’s shape or change the color of your panties. So now is the time you learn how to take care of your underwear in the right ways.

7 helpful tips to keep your underwear fresh

  1. Wash your underwear with cold water.
  2. Wash by hands. Do not use the washing machine.
  3. Stay away from chlorine bleach.
  4. Wash similar colors.
  5. No dryer.
  6. Turn them inside out while washing and drying.
  7. Wash your used underwear every day.